Bob understands that transportation issues affect all areas of our community. In 2018, he was awarded the Transportation “Free Enterprise Award” from the Virginia Chamber of Commerce for introducing and passing legislation to address growing congestion on our roads.


As a parent, Bob believes that every child deserves the opportunity to receive a high quality education. This year, he submitted a budget amendment to increase funding for our local schools and recognizes that education works best at the local level with input from parents, teachers, and citizens.


Bob protects our traditional family values and will always defend the right to life. He believes that every life is precious, and we must protect the unborn.


As a father and small business owner, Bob Thomas believes we must reduce the tax burden on small businesses and hardworking families. In 2018, Delegate Thomas successfully passed legislation to reduce the merchant’s capital tax. This year, he helped pass the Republican-led $1 billion tax relief package, the second largest tax cut in Virginia history.


As a concealed carry holder and member of the National Rifle Association, Bob always stands up for the rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution. He supports the rights of gun owners, hunters, and sportsmen.